The Content Sells Your Product

With this brand new section of the blog, Travel Marketing, I hope to answer many of your questions about content strategy tips for the travel business and help you use content marketing effectively, for the sake of your company’s future.

Tips for Travel Marketing

Seth Godin said more than 4 years ago that content marketing is the only marketing left. While people still use other types of marketing, building strategic content will help you most in establishing a trustworthy brand.

The rules of the marketing games have changed with the explosion of social media and of the sharing frenzy.  The customers are now surely the most powerful as they don’t buy anymore what’s advertised on TV. They look for stories online, they search other buyers’ opinions and ratings; they want to be able to get in touch directly with the seller, through social media. The customer is now in control and you must offer valuable content around your product’s environment to convince them, indirectly, of its worth.

Today’s potential customers don’t want to be sold, even if they are shopping for a product you are selling.

Content marketing is your cheapest way to get repeat business and transform those prospects into clients. It applies to any company size, any industry or any type of product sold.

Lack of proper understanding, or lack of time to invest in a strategy, are the most common reasons why companies don’t tweak their communication plan to include more meaningful content. Yes, it’s more work, you need to be more engaged and truly believe in the product or service you’re hired to sell. But it’s worth it. Because if you don’t have a content strategy in place, those potential customers checking your web will go directly to those competitors who do their content homework.

Tell me how you are using content strategy to spark reader engagement. Do you disagree with my view? I cannot wait to hear your differing opinion. Let’s get the conversation started! 

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