Should You Get Rid of Your Company Blog?

Every company that’s out there today, whether a family-business corner shop or a large enterprise, every one of them has a blog section on their website. Some are more up to date, some are neglected, but every company’s website has got to have a blog. It’s the thing to do nowadays.

Do you have a list of objectives for your company blog?
Do you have a list of objectives for your company blog?

The blog section in many cases is started by last summer’s PR intern, and updated once in a blue moon when inspiration struck. Now that the intern is gone, the excitement for a new blog wore off soon enough, remaining just a stressful pain to keep it updated.

Did you ever stop and think why you even bother having a company blog? 

If you’re having struggles with finding yet another interesting topic to write about, or even finding time to think about your company’s blog, then perhaps you need to consider the purpose of you keeping this section on your website.

The purpose of a business blog is to share valuable material with your readers, useful for them in their day to day business. Whether you are in technology, baby food or education, you should write about topics, tips and inside information in direct relation to your specific field. If your readers will find relevant information on your blog, which could perhaps help them with a particular business issue, they may bookmark it and, perhaps, visit it again.

Whatever you do, do not confuse your Blog page with your “Services” page.

This is not the place to advertise your products or services, any time you can squeeze in an extra line. It’s rather the place where you actually have a chance to show to your customers and prospects your commitment to the industry you are in. If you only brag about how amazing your product is, you will put people off. But if you offer significant information about the world around your product, you will give the image of an expert in the field. And we know that people want to buy only from the best.

So, if you use your blog just to push your products or seasonal promotions, you’d do yourself (and your business) a favor by getting rid of it. But, if you are excited about helping people in the industry you are in, by sharing your knowledge, then continue with it and don’t be surprised when the visitors gather at your blog’s virtual doorstep.

What is your reason for having a company blog?

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