3 Ways to Connect with Your Blog Readers

You created a blogging strategy for your company and you finally manage to publish each blog post on time. Yet you don’t see any results happening. Like more comments and bigger sharing numbers. If that’s the story of your business blog, you are not alone.

Connect with your readers
Do you know how to connect with your blog readers?

Companies with difficulties at social interaction pick-up are either starting off, so without a reader or customer base; or they are still using the old-fashioned marketing tactics, like one-way advertising. Not only that’s a dead practice, but customers today don’t pay attention to one-way messages anymore. You might as well just shut down your blog if you still do that.

Today, for your customers to listen to what you have to say (or write!), you need to create a two-way communication flow and establish genuine rapport with them. Don’t write your blog posts like a traditional TV advertisement, interrupting viewers exactly when the more dramatic scene is rolling in. And don’tdisturb customers from their daily work, asking them to stop what they were doing and read your article. Instead, connect with them and they will start looking forward for your content.

Here are 3 ways you can connect with your readers to build a more genuine, yet virtual, relationship based on mutual business needs:

1. Ask customers, either after project meetings or over networking, what work concerns they have and answer with your expertise in a blog article.

Any client faces at some point industry-specific difficulties (like lack of enough research data, or specific knowledge…) and they will be looking for their answer somewhere. Why not offer them the opportunity to find it on your blog? Give a valuable insight once, and they will surely return.

2. Develop conversations on social media platforms and form connections there.

Be genuine and responsive, and connect with your readers on personal as well as business levels. People are more likely to check out and share your content if they appreciate you as an individual. After all, our part on the social media platforms is exactly this: to be social, sympathetic and interact with our friends, fans or followers, no matter the name. Not to fire one-way advertorial material.

3. Read through your clients’ comments and suggestions.

The reason for your business blog is to get the online conversation started with your customers, in order to indirectly show them how your products or services could help them. A big mistake would be to impose your blogging agenda, despite what your customers indicate they’d like to read. You’d rather listen to your readers’ suggestions and get to the heart of what matters to them.

How about you? Do you genuinely connect with your readers, or are you still using the one-way shooting of promotional messages?

What's your opinion on this?

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