The Role of Your Blog: Book Draft or Marketing Tactic?

“Blogging is very good practice for writing a book.” Guy Kawasaki, the renowned entrepreneur and marketing expert, stated this in an interview with Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner.

The statement made me ponder on the role it plays for businesses out there, like yours, faced with it.

Changing role of blogs
What is the purpose of your company blog?

The blogging world is in a continuous change. What we call ‘blog’ today can be very different than what we used to understand by ‘blog’ when it first appeared. The blogging platforms have evolved and now look more like pro websites.

Micro-blogging emerged, popular on social media sites like Google+ where people write mini-posts directly from their updates page. Even blogging from your email is now possible, thanks to such platforms as Posterous.

The lines between blogs and online newspapers have seriously blurred. For example, Huffington Post looks likea well-respected news site, right? Well, it is in fact a blog, or better said a collection of selected crowd-funded blogs. Or the blogs on the newspaper’s El Pais website, such as “El Viajero” look like just another website, with same type of editorial content, but named ‘blog’.

So now you are faced with a multitude of possibilities of how to present your company’s blog and Guy is throwing a dilemma on top of it all: that blogs would be most suitable as book drafts.

What does this mean for your business?

I think entrepreneurs listening to Guy’s interview and statement should be aware that it’s not applicable for a business blog. If you are a consultant or a speaker, with the intent to write a book, perhaps it would be a suitable approach.

But for businesses, blogging needs to be approached as a marketing tactic, part of the overall communications strategy. If you have an editorial plan and scheduled posts relevant for your audience, then you are right to continue with blogging. If you are interacting with your audience on the topics of articles written, if you are moderating discussions around them, then you are using the ‘blog’ tool appropriately, just as you’d use a press release template, for example.

If you understand that content marketing is the only plausible marketing left, and open advertorial messages are not listened to anymore, keep going. Your business blog has an increasing marketing power, it’s not just a potential book draft.

Of course, if you are keeping the blog just for promotional reasons, or you are not including it in your marketing strategy, you might as well just get rid of it. Or use it as a draft for some self-promotional book you may write one day. Or may not.

What role have you assigned for your company’s blog?

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