4 Reasons Why Relevant Content Will Help You Sell More

I bet you keep hearing about content strategy and how marketing tactics like content creation are the future of the industry. Maybe you even see the reasons why it is beneficial to use more original non-promotional content in your materials.

Use Content Strategy to Sell More
Use relevant content to boost your sales

But you still cannot see clearly, all the way to the bottom line, how content – writing blogs, articles, whitepapers – will translate into more customers.

Below, I put together 4 main ways which will show you how using content strategy will help you sell more.

1 – You will be perceived as more knowledgeable in your field. If you are capable of producing original material about the field your company activates in, then you must have an extended expertise of it. This means you are also selling better products or services – which everyone wants to have.

2 – Your genuine interest in the domain shows your commitment. You research and write about what you’re really interested in, the area that involves your product or service. This will translate in the customers’ minds that you’re always looking not only to improve your expertise, but also your products.

3 – Your clients will see that you care about them. You take the time to read their requests, suggestions or comments made on your website or on social media. And you take this information and use it as a material for your future blog articles. You continue with your content creation, and the customers get their answers directly from you. Like this, you build a 2-way communication, key in keeping existing customers.

4 – Your readers will get more engaged with your brand. Whether they are existing or potential clients, the more of your materials they read, the more connected with your products they will get. Research shows that “if a potential customer has read 30+ pages of your own content, you have 80% better chance of closing the sale”. That’s engagement.

These 4 viewpoints will hopefully clear out the confusion of the direct path between producing original, non-promotional content and attracting more customers for your products or services.

Can you think of any other way in which content strategy helps you sell more, in your particular business?

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