One Reason Why Your Website Can Kill Your Business

I’ve seen lately quite a bunch of business websites with an out-of-date aspect and purpose, looking like a yellowed-paper, shabby business card. Contact details, prominent auto-promotional stuff, and abundant how-great-we-are details. That’s so last… decade!

Bad website can kill business.
Don’t let a bad website kill your business.

Business websites today have almost completely changed their purpose; they are a publishing platform to show industry value, make connections and moderate debates. Yet, even if most marketers understand this, and how it can positively affect their business, they don’t want to dive into the new game of the market.

Do you know why?

Out of fear.

Fear rules us, perhaps more than ever, during office hours. Professionals resist, invoking traditional proven methods, market results and other “objective” measurements.

But the truth is they are afraid.

Not because they don’t have enough knowledge. Enough training, enough market vision, or enough resources.

They resist out of fear.

Fear that the boss will not like the new idea. Anxiety that they will fail and lose their job. Dreading making a fool of themselves, if things go wrong.

Undergoing a website makeover together with a functional business blog is a significantly large project. And marketers are afraid to make changes to their old, ragged websites, not to spoil a good enough online presence. In fact, the majority of marketing professionals will be anxious enough to reject undertaking such a project. And by doing this, they will reject the opportunity for the website to generate business. New is risky. But not going with the new market rules will also be a costly decision.

Acting out of fear, and allowing your website to lag behind, won’t put your site on top of the list (yes, Google’s list!). You won’t be seen as the best in your area, or at least as one of the important players. The truth is, today without a well-planned, informational website and a business blog that gets updated regularly with relevant non-promotional information, your business is as good as dead.

When is the last time you took a look at your company’s website? Is it in the game or an obscure, old electronic business card?

Photo source: Free Digital Photos.

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