2013 Trends: Content Marketing in Spain vs. USA

As I welcome you back on the first full working week of 2013, I bet you have your hands full with finishing your marketing plan for this year.

If you are up to date with today’s consumer-driven business environment, you have a big chunk of your plan covering Content Marketing. This fairly new concept in Spain is getting to be more and more accepted by many online marketers here.

Content marketing trends in Spain, in 2013.

While just a few months ago the term ‘marketing de contenidos’ seemed awkward and quite unnatural, today there is some light on it, with more people getting used to the Spanish term of the English content marketing (CM).

Since I came across an interesting pioneer study about CM, which Eva Sanagustín did on the Spanish market, I thought I’d compare her findings to the US studies and trends – as the US market is currently the leader in this field. The percentages about the Spanish market are taken from Eva’s study results.

The Use of Content Strategy in Your Company

About 74% of businesses have a content strategy (the foundation of CM) in place, which shows that companies in Spain actually do put importance on it. That means that ¾ of Spanish companies are on the winning track, by building a content strategy before starting with the tactics.

In comparison, the US market boasts 91% reach of content strategy within businesses, especially within the B2B sector. The percentage difference shows on the one hand the advance the US market has on us. And on the other, it acts as a forecast to our market for the near future.

The Importance of Self-Created Content for Your Business

It seems that Spanish companies still need to grasp the importance of publishing original content. Only 11% of Spanish businesses distribute their self-created materials, while the majority relies on outside sources and content curation methods.

But customers and readers come to your web platforms to read unique content you thought up.

Not copied content from other sources. They want to read about your opinions and thoughts in the industry. Original content has its value in gold. Both for your brand image and for your positioning as an industry expert.

Another result from Eva’s study, which goes further to support the previous finding, is the staggering 88% of professionals who dedicate no more than 2 hours per day to content creation.

With only a tiny 3% of professionals in Spain creating content full-time.

Basically there is no designated full-time person for content collection, managing and crafting. This task gets done in between other marketing activities. It clearly shows the low level of importance companies place on unique content and the value it may bring.

There is room for growth. A lot of room.

Advanced Content Strategy on the US Market

Our pioneer colleagues across the pond have made original content much more prolific for businesses. There is higher adoption of CM, with the professionals spending more hours per day for it. This puts them one step ahead, where various innovative content formats are emerging and will be trending this year.

The US market is already playing with notions such as mobile-specific content creation, podcasts, infographics and even regionally-targeted content. Professionals foresee that companies will shift to the publisher mindset quite rapidly, and journalists will transition to the corporate environments.

Another emerging trend in the US is the appearance of distribution channels for brand-sponsored content, like Apple TV or WiiU.


As you can see, the two analyzed markets have clear differences, and Spain has quite a lot of room to grow. Looking at the US trends can act as a beneficial near-future forecast for the Spanish market. Knowing about the trends one step in advance can help you craft your company’s longer term strategy, making sure you’re on the right track.

Is your business already taking advantage of Content Marketing and all its benefits? If not, do you plan to integrate a bit of it in your marketing plan this year?

Image courtesy of FrameAngel / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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