Spanish Success Story: “Me Gusta Volar” by Iberia

Today marks the first of a series of reviews I am going to write, about Spanish companies in the travel industry and their content marketing efforts.

I am starting with Spain’s biggest airline company, Iberia, whose staff already embarked on the content marketing journey, successfully flying through it.

Relevant content in the airline business.
Relevant content in the airline business.

Iberia started their informative blog, “Me gusta volar”, more than two years ago. Its purpose, as stated on the website as well, is to “become the meeting point of all online readers who like to travel, learn and fly.”

What I liked most from their strategy is that they divided the promotional material from the valuable, informational articles. They didn’t cram in each line of information, 2 lines of promotion, like we see too often on “informational” business sites.

Let’s take a look at the 4 sections of pure content marketing in action. They offer resources to learn from, whether it’s about the industry, city guides, or advice on how to unwind on the plane. 

 “Flying Fanatics” – the category which will appeal to all flying fans. Full of stories about risky landings, dangerous maneuvers, conditions in the air, a day in the life of a pilot, and so on. Truly valuable accounts that anyone can benefit from and learn more about this field. One of the most interesting articles I found is What do the pilots do not to get lost in flight? (written in Spanish).

“Travel Guide” – the section where you can take a virtual trip to any place in the world. Fresh perspectives of various cities and natural areas, across all continents. By scanning through the articles you get inspired to travel, and you also gather practical information, if planning a trip. No promotions, no masked advertising. Pick your city and dream on.

“No Fear of Flying” – probably the part where most readers click first. Myself, even though I am not afraid of flying, I clicked on it right away, out of curiosity at least. And I wasn’t disappointed. The section is full of advice on methods of relaxation while airborne, explanations of different types of phobias, and stories about famous people who are afraid to fly. So you don’t feel alone.

“Second Round” – covering all things art, gastronomy and literature. The name of this section relates to Iberia’s in-flight magazine, Ronda (i.e. “round” in English). And I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the collection of art-related articles, from photography to fashion. Browsing from one piece to the next, you enter a creative world and – almost – forget for a moment that you were on a (marketing) site of the Iberia airline.


With this constantly fresh blog, I think Iberia took content marketing to the next level, on the Spanish market. I find it to be an example to follow for travel companies. You just need to put the customer at the center of your strategy and come up with innovative ways to satisfy their desire for knowledge surrounding the world of your product.

This blog is more about inspiring and informing people who like to travel than about promoting Iberia and its products.

How about your business? Do you plan to build such a collection of informative material for your (potential) customers? Do you see the value of such a marketing tactic?

Subjectivity Disclaimer: I was not asked for or compensated in any way by Iberia to do this report.
Photo Source: Salvatore Vuono /

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