Digital Nomads Use Collaborative Economy Tools for Travel

An important niche in the travel sector is the travelling entrepreneur, and with their lifestyle of living and breathing their business idea, they need cost-effective and creative solutions for their roaming around the world.

Travelling entrepreneur on a budgetAs we are not location-conditioned anymore, more and more entrepreneurs travel across the world to make connections for their business and discover new markets and collaborators. In order for their startup projects to succeed, they need to have the travelling and accommodation costs optimized.

This is a sector where the collaborative or share economy is becoming a viable option with platforms such as Startup Stay becoming meaningful and valuable for the travelling entrepreneur.

Startup Stay – Empowering Entrepreneurs

Startup Stay is an online and offline global community for entrepreneurs that travel across the world. It’s part of the accommodation businesses in the booming share-economy model, such as Couchsurfing or Airbnb, but targeting entrepreneurs specifically.

The collaborative-consuming model competes directly with hospitality businesses around the world. The traveling entrepreneurs with budget constrains eliminate the accommodation costs, which empowers them to visit more places for their emerging business. This indirectly helps with their business while in the same time advancing the strength of the share economy.

And the two entrepreneurs, the receiving guest and the host, mutually benefit as they exchange business knowledge and relevant contacts from each of their networks.

Benefits for Travelling Entrepreneurs

Startup Stay PlatformBecause entrepreneurs travel to create business connections, this platform already provides that option, even from breakfast time. One can connect with the host, get information about the local business culture and get local contacts through the host.

Another major benefit for the entrepreneurs choosing Startup Stay is that they save the accommodation costs. This is usually an important expense for a startup, and it can especially get difficult when travelling to popular conferences and events, where everyone in their sector goes.

Take for example, Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona, Spain this week. There are more than 70,000 visitors from dozens of countries estimated to be in the city for the MWC Week, and hotels are fully booked months in advance. With such business coming to town, the hospitality sector is fully taking advantage. The hotels surrounding the congress center have reportedly tripled their room prices. This makes it seriously difficult for a young entrepreneur on a budget to attend and benefit from the conference.

I see ideas such as Startup Stay not only helping entrepreneurs with their travel expenses, but also providing a shared connection and knowledge platform, vital for any business. Not to mention, it offers an alternative within the travel sector, impacting hospitality companies.

Ultimately, it helps humanize the business world and empowers the development of potentially great innovative ideas, all under the big umbrella of Collaboration.

Have you ever used Startup Stay or a similar service? What other benefits of the share economy model do you see for travelling entrepreneurs?

Leave me your idea below.

Photos source: sdmania / and Startup Stay.

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