eShow Barcelona ’13 Conclusions: Go Mobile & Invest in Valuable Content

The eShow took place on the 13th and 14th of March in Barcelona, gathering professionals from e-commerce and digital marketing fields, to discuss latest industry trends and to share experiences from various brands first-hand.

eShow Barcelona '13The eShow is a major fair in the digital economy sector, organized in several cities throughout the year, from Madrid to Sao Paolo, passing by Lisbon and Barcelona. The aim is to bring together the leading providers of products and services in the e-commerce field that share their novelties in order to help companies develop their online business.

This year’s eShow included several conferences from the industry leaders, with some of them being addressed to the emerging entrepreneurs. At the end of 2 days filled with latest advances and inspiration from successful businesses, here are some conclusions.

Entrepreneurs’ Forum

The forum dedicated to young entrepreneurs was opened by Xavier Busquets, the Director of Executive Master in Digital Business from ESADE, who shared some valuable advice from his experience. Comparing an entrepreneurial project with a nice domestic animal entering the jungle, he mentioned one needs to know with whom to make alliances to be successful (as in: get together with the Lion in the jungle!).

Also, he couldn’t stress enough on the importance of a great team when starting on an entrepreneurial adventure. Takeaway advice: combine art with a valuable team.

Marketing Online Forum

Various professionals from the field discussed the challenges of the online marketing today, in the context of the ever changing habits of the users. Probably the most-used expression at the eShow, not only at this forum, was “go mobile”. Adapting both content and platforms to the increasingly mobile web users is crucial today and will only gain importance.  Especially in Spain, a country where mobile penetration has one of the highest rates in Europe, the mobile e-commerce boom is right around the corner.

eShow Barcelona '13Besides mobile, probably the second most used phrase was “content” with the variations: “adapted content”, “relevant content” or “adequate content”. The power of well-written and well-placed content for online businesses is indisputable. Heard on the forum: first listen to what the customers want and where they want to consume, then create the appropriate content while adapting it for the mobile.

One of the panelists cited the Marketing Director of Disney: “A person needs to come to a website on average 8 times, before making any purchase”, and stressed that those 8 times the potential customer comes to the web, they’d better have interesting and relevant information to read or watch.

And to end with, two great pieces of advice heard, which any entrepreneur should post on their office walls: You don’t have to be an expert at everything; use collaborators that know each area of online marketing. That goes hand in hand with: Invest in human resources; they will save you time and money.

Did you go to the eShow Barcelona this year? What was the best piece of advice you heard?

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