Spanish Success Story: Traveling with eDreams

The series about Spanish companies successfully using relevant content to market themselves started with Iberia and their inspirational blog, “Me Gusta Volar”. Today, the second Spanish Success Story is about eDreams, the travel portal used in more than 30 countries by people from all continents,

The Barcelona-based travel company eDreams won this spring the eAward as the best international web, among more than 30 participants. The winner was selected based on the effectiveness of their digital marketing implementation and the tactics of using targeted, relevant content, across a multitude of reader groups.

eDreams Experience

More than Booking: Inspiration to Travel

At a closer look at the eDreams website, from a digital marketing perspective, and not from a traveller one, it becomes clear that the portal has become much more than a search & book place.

Just a few years ago, this type of sites, involving flight or hotel search and comparison, were like a database, in design and functionality, with the search part primarily in focus. It was considered that the potential customer wasthere to search, get the cheapest result and click “buy”. There was no attention paid to giving more objective, informational detail or to create an experience around the searched products.

After all, a potential client who searches for a hotel in Seville, for example, is looking for a pleasant experience to match their holiday expectations, not just for a bed and a shower. And eDreams has been successfully changing the old approach.

The inspirational content revolves around the search section, in the form of offers, contests, and more information. Even the ads incorporate content to draw the potential customer in to dream and choose an experience. Now it’s not anymore about booking a hotel room or flight, but about choosing the type of experience you want: sun & beach, urban escapade, relax in the mountains, and many others. An offer’s tagline, “design with us an exclusive escapade”, shows the transformation of the site from a results-driven booking place, to a content-filled pool of potential experiences.

Perhaps more than ever, the name eDreams, is appropriate. Now it’s about dreaming and inspiring people to travel. And as a consequence, readers will book a flight and a hotel.

A Blog to Discover the World and (e)Dream about It

The eDreams blog is organized by themes, or categories, to satisfy readers’ interests. Whether it is in the more general Destination or Gastronomy sections, or the more narrow “traits of your ideal travel partner”, the readers have a varied amount of articles and videos to choose from to satisfy their wanderlust.

Just like I noticed and appreciated in the review about Iberia’s blog, there is no promotional or salesy connotation. You can just visit the eDreams blog and let yourself be inspired by all the experiences possible. You won’t be redirected to the purchase part of the site, you won’t get pop-ups. Pure experience, inspiration, discovering of new lands.

User-Generated Content for Even More Inspiration

MySprinGram by eDreamsOne tactic that attracted my eye throughout the blog is the efforts to engage users constantly, and describe travelers’ experiences, and not simply let them dream passively.

The video section titled “Who Would You Like to Meet in an Airport?” is engaging for the reader, and dynamic. You almost want to get found in an airport by an eDreams team to be asked the same question.

Also, the seasonal contests they run, are pure briliance in terms of user-generated content. They ran the photo contest #MyWinterGram for the winter season, only to bring it back now for the spring, with #MySprinGram. The users will participate for the prizes, while eDreams gathers a user-generated visual content they can display and use for their own promotion.

With all these digital marketing tactics, eDreams became a rich platform for travelers, to get inspired, share their adventures, buy products and interact with them. It’s not just a database to find the cheapest flight anymore, but a collaborative space where travelers meet and share experiences.

By placing the customers and their travel needs at the center of their business, eDreams is a true Spanish Success Story for the Travel sector.

Do you find the rich content on the eDreams web and blog useful in getting a better travel experience?

Subjectivity Disclaimer: I was not asked for or compensated in any way by eDreams to do this report.
Photos source: eDreams.

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