Three Questions For Eye-Catching Content On Your Travel Site

When we’re searching for information about a trip we want to take, there is much more advice out there than we are able to digest. From business sites, travel agencies sites, to personal blogs, collaborative blogs, and peer review sites… Where to start and whom to listen to get our questions answered ?!

Travel customers face this issue every single day, countless times. It’s frustrating for them and it makes them leave great sites just because they came across unsuitable information. As a travel marketer, you need to stand out from this overcrowded web of information and get the attention of your targeted customer.

Check out these 3 questions that will help you make your web content stand out:

Is your content too generic?

In the travel sector, there are way too many generic articles like ‘the beaches of Costa Brava’ or ‘best hotels in Ibiza’. These topics are called in journalism evergreens or soft topics. You can introduce them anytime you need to fill some white space on your site. But they are too generic to help your specific audience.

And if your keyword and content strategy revolves around such broad topics, you will compete with a higher number of sites. Some of them will be much more popular than yours, and your target visitor will have only a tiny chance to click on your site. If by some miracle they land on your page, displaying content that is too generic will bore and frustrate them. You’ll have practically no chance of getting their attention.

Take a moment to revise the content plan for your website and marketing materials. What are the main topics you write about? Say you are an online travel agency in Barcelona. Is your blog filled with articles about the main attractions in town, best beaches around the city, or the ultimate ever-green topic, Sagrada Familia? Now think about how many other thousands of sites provide the same information, with minimal variation. If your content doesn’t stand out, your sales won’t either.

What does your content inspire people to do?

Travel content is mostly associated with gazing out the window and imagining a tropical beach on the other side. Day-dreaming, inspirational photos, virtual exploration. But if your business is to sell travel experiences, your content must attract readers into a purchase, not into day-dreaming. Because simply their day-dreaming won’t make your business a success.

The content you create needs to push people to start packing their luggage, while buying that tropical escapade. Make your content act as a powerful call to action, and it will fulfill its core mission: to help advance your business.

Do you answer your customers’ questions?

Your content strategy needs to revolve around your customers. What they are looking for, and what information they hope to find to help them make a purchasing decision faster. Generic information that could be pulled from any travel-related site should not even be on your web.

Find the niches of the products you sell and develop content around their benefits for a specific target customer.

If you offer hotel bookings, a niche target would be the family with kids looking for hotels. If a customer is looking for hotels with kids’ swimming pools, offer that info, don’t babble away about how amazing the location is, and the romantic sunset you can see together with your loved one. The customer wants a kids’ pool. Offer the practical, useful tips and the customer will be back with more to-the-point questions.

*** ***

In order to stand out, you need to provide the answers to your customer’s pre-travel explorations. Let your guiding principle be useful and practical and your website will not only get more readers, but also more purchasing travellers, on their way to your destination.

Photos source: Stuart Miles /

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