Are You Wasting Your Readers’ Time with Curated Content?

As part of your digital marketing strategy, content curation can be an option, in order to diversify your content offering.

No doubt, content curation, done right, can keep your prospects and customers on your platform, while you actually present interesting materials from other webs. However, I believe there is no added value in simply republishing an article you found interesting.

It’s almost like stealing and spamming combined.

You need to bring an extra value to the materials you are citing, amplifying their message within a context that suits your business. Your customers need to feel like they got something more out of your curation process than by simply reading the original piece.

The Popular View on Content Curation

Always producing fresh content can be difficult and expensive for any business, so you may turn to content curation, thinking it’s cheaper and easier. You may see content curation as a no-brainer: gathering related pieces from your field, and just plastering them all over your company’s digital walls, retweet-style.

With that practice, content curation is, in my opinion, a waste of time.

Not only you multiply the existing content online and fill with clutter the already enormous web, but you also send your prospect customer to someone else’s web, resources, and ultimately products.

Real Content Curation That Works

To make sure your customers stay on your website, captivated by your curated materials, you need to follow a few strategic steps.

First, you need to set a specific niche that you will curate about. The travel sector is so large, and so overloaded with content that you will get lost if you don’t pick a narrow topic, like rural houses on Costa Brava, for example. Not rural tourism; neither rental houses, nor Costa Brava tourism. These topics are too large and they will get you mudded.

Then, research, aggregate and organize the content you find on the web to fit your chosen topic and paint an integrated image of it.

Now the fun part comes.

By being able to analyze content related to your business niche, you offer something more to the reader. You digest the information for them and offer your expert view. With all that pool of material you have, you need to shape it into a cohesive article-style format and comment on each material you decide to insert.

Your article featuring curated content explained within the context of your business sector will become a valuable material.

Commenting on curated articles, stating your point of view helps you build a voice and become an authority in that niche. And this authority will be indirectly transferred to the perceived value of your products.

Quality to the Web

Elaborated content curation has the power to revolutionize the web, offering a lot more qualitative and analytical material than the current trend of simple republishing.

However, starting with social media practices, and continuing with poor content curation, massive volumes of articles are multiplied on the web daily. They are muddling it and making it every day more difficult for quality material to emerge.

If your business curates content the right way, not only does it bring more quality to the web, but it stands out in front of readers, with superior material.

Content curation, as any digital marketing effort, is ultimately done with a business purpose. It can help you nurture your leads and push them through the sales funnel, towards the buying stage. Details about how content curation can do all that, in part two of this article series.

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