Pull Your Prospects: Content Curation to Match Your Business Goals

In the first article of this two-part series, I debated on how badly executed content curation can be a waste of your and your readers’ time. I also advocated for the purposeful content curation that brings an added value to your reader. The content curation tactic will help you offer more diverse materials to satisfy the shoppers’ informational needs at the various stages of the buying cycle.

Today’s article, continues with a look at the value content curation brings to your ultimate business goal, which is to acquire more clients. Keep in mind though, that content curation, just like any other content marketing tactic, has an indirect role, as you can never expect a collection of informational material to directly produce a sale.

Pull your Readers

Prospects come to your webpage and expect to find useful information in their search to shop for the most suitable product or service. And at various stages, they are looking for different types of materials, from the more generic, to more specific, practical and even crowd-sourced.

The direct business goal of content curation is to offer prospecting readers the information they are looking for and answer their questions, thus pulling them through the sales funnel to the next stage.

With the help of content curation, as an additional content marketing tactic, you satisfy the readers’ need for loads of informative material before they get to the stage where they make a buying decision.

Travel Content Consumption

In fact, research from The Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study shows that, in the tourism industry, a prospect interacts on average with 10.2 pieces of content before making any travel-related purchase. You need to be prepared to have ready that informational material for any prospect who reaches your travel site.

So the content strategy you have in place must include original and curated materials, to nurture your leads on their way through the funnel, towards the purchase button.

Content to Reach the Bottom Line

The content you decide to curate and present to your readers needs to be complementary to your original content, to establish you as a trustworthy source in your field. By blending your own thought leadership materials with curated industry specific information, you will offer a more complete range of content which will help the prospecting reader get closer to the purchase stage.

If you understand how content curation tactics help you pull readers and bring them closer to a sale, you will never doubt the importance of content marketing for your business goals.


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