10 benefits of working with a professional copywriter

10 benefits of working with a professional copywriter

I know you’ve asked yourself this question before: why should I pay someone to write some text for my website when I can do it myself?

We all know how to write, right? We all went to school, we’re literate, and we’re writing emails and proposals every day. So we can easily put together some catchy descriptions for our own website. No big deal. No need to spend our budget on something so simple and quick.

Well, I’ve seen business owners do this and then regret such impulsive decisions, so I’ve put together a list of advantages of working with a professional copywriter.

Consider it next time you want to write your website’s text by yourself:

  1. A professional web copywriter will write your website text in line with your marketing strategy. They understand marketing concepts like your positioning on the market, specific target audience, features and benefits, or business vision. And they will turn them into text that represents your specific business strategy.
  2. The text on your website will be a mix of persuasive messages and answers to users’ questions and doubts. Because writing for the web is not just plain, PDF-style descriptions of products or services. It must serve the 21st century internet-savvy customer who wants to know as much as possible about you before giving you a call.
  3. Your website will become a true marketing tool. Because it should never be just a self-promotional, annoying megaphone in the desert. Your new marketing tool will have the right content to capture leads, useful information to retain them and push them towards a sale.
  4. Your content will be written specifically for the web. Because people read differently online than they read print materials. They want bite-sized information. They want questions answered. No detours. No sales language.
  5. The texts will incorporate SEO copywriting strategies. For example, selected keywords inserted in a natural way. Your website will either be found by Google (and other search engines) and ranked, or it will be dead. Which do you prefer?
  6. A professional copywriter will be able to write texts that communicate the same messages as the site’s web design does. Because on your website you will communicate through both the design and the content, in different ways, to your readers.
  7. You will give a professional first impression. A professional copywriter will give you a website text that is free of errors, incomplete information or discouraging, salesy materials. But they will also give you much more: a professional image for your website and your brand that would make the difference between prospects staying and leaving your site.
  8. Your website will use the language your prospects use. A professional copywriter can put themselves in the shoes of a prospect more objectively than you. They will find out your prospects’ way of talking about your industry and they will include relevant messages that appeal to customers. No confusing jargon from the industry. 
  9. It will save you time to focus on developing your core business. Your business is not writing. Mine is.
  10. It will save you money, because a professional copywriter will always write the suitable content faster than you. While you may spend hours and hours trying to find the right words, a copywriter will cost you less. Your time is money. Spend it wisely. 


To finish, here are 4 questions to think about as well:

Can you afford to have a poor first impression and lose potential clients because of it?

Can you afford to write content that doesn’t rank in Google, despite all the time and energy you spent?

Can you afford to possibly delay the launch of your website (your primary marketing tool to attract new clients) because you still need to work on the texts?

Can you afford to lose time and money by first doing the content by yourself, and then paying (a second time!) a copywriter to write it all over again?

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