About me

monicanastasecopywriterWhat I do

My name is Monica Nastase, I’m a multilingual travel copywriter and insatiable traveller, currently residing in Barcelona, Spain.

I write useful and convincing content for your travel business: from web copy to blog articles, newsletters or landing pages. I can help you make relevant content a central piece of your digital marketing strategy.

I speak the language of your audience. I write in English, French and Spanish.

Why me

I understand the 2 sides of the travel business: as traveller and as travel marketing expert.

As traveller – I understand the concerns and wishes of your potential clients, because I am one of them. I am your target audience. I travel to discover, to relax, to learn, to open my mind. Before going on any trip, I need to find the most relevant information about my travel destination. And whoever provides that, has my attention – and my money.

As travel marketing expert – I am in the same boat with you. We sell experiences and we strive for our clients to have the time of their life. For that we need inspiring, useful and convincing stories. Stories that will make our clients not only dream of the perfect vacation spot, but that will drive them to take action and book that travel experience.

I live and breathe both sides of this industry. Because, after all, the travel business is by definition multicultural and multilingual. Just like me.

How I can help you

I’ll blend my personal intercultural experience with the marketing and copywriting expertise to create a unique, inspiring message for your future clients.

I will help your travel business tell more convincing stories. I’ll bring your travel destination / hotel / app / tour to life with my sharpest weapon: well-crafted words.

If you’re ready to embark on the content marketing journey, I’ll create the stories for you to help guide your prospects through the sales funnel.



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More about me

(if I haven’t convinced you yet)

  • I have a Journalism Degree & Master’s in Communication
  • I’ve worked in multiple business cultures (Anglo-Saxon, German, Latin), so I can effectively adapt to yours
  • I speak fluently and write in English, French, Spanish and Romanian. And if I’m stuck in a remote village in Germany or Austria, I can also pull up my conversational German.
  • I take delight in independent travel and exploring how different places, cultures and people profoundly change me. That’s what the name Changing Travels means.
  • My favorite destination so far is the village of Ubud, in Bali for its spiritual nature, its friendly locals and its lovely Macaque monkeys.
  • I prefer working with creative, forward-thinking medium-sized companies in the travel industry, who care about fulfilling their clients’ wishes as much as doing great, humane business.
  • My long-term purpose is to become a published writer and to help promote literacy in the world.



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