I start all projects with the fundamental steps of understanding your audience. Who they are and what gets them excited. What information they look for when they are in the research phase. What would convince them to make a purchase. Only then we can start writing the content they (your audience!) want to read.

“A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter”. Judith K. Charles

A photo is worth a thousand words. Especially in travel. Match those perfect travel shots with useful & convincing content to boost your bookings.


These are the services I offer to help you stand out in the crowded travel industry.


Website copywriting

landing-page-iconI use persuasive copywriting techniques to attract your prospects to find out more about your travel products or services. If a photo is worth a thousand words, you need to pair that photo with inspirational and convincing copy. Pique the interest of your impassive browsers, and persuade them  to buy that travel experience!

Product descriptions

product-description-iconI’ll help you explain what’s obvious to you: all the features and benefits of your travel services. Travellers visit dozens of websites before booking a vacation, and they will stop when they find the most convincing info. Your content needs to be clear, detailed and helpful. Use the right words to help your prospects already imagine themselves in that travel spot!

Travel writing

blog-article-iconAs an insatiable traveller, I know a thing or two about what makes your audience excited. I’ll write blog articles, features, destination guides and everything in between to activate your prospects’ wanderlust. Stay on top of their minds with inspirational storytelling. The next time they are looking for a service or product you sell, they’ll be  knocking at your door.

Email marketing

email-marketing-iconThey say ‘the money is in the list’ – that is: in your database list. Your subscribers want to get relevant, informational content relating to your offering, not just discount offers. I’ll help you create the emails that your audience wants to receive & open. Either newsletters or a series of emails to build your marketing automation campaign, reach your leads at each stage of the purchase journey. Let’s find the money that’s in your (marketing database) list.

Content editing

content-edit-iconYour content must be both grammatically correct and be able to sell. If you already have a website with acceptable content, I can help you make it more convincing, more inspirational, more useful. I’ll edit and rewrite your web content to speak better to your target audience and their needs. From SEO optimization, to better readability, persuasiveness and call-to-action check, I’ll make sure your text stands out.


translations-iconYour audience is global, speak with them in their preferred language. I’ll write the content you need in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish. I don’t outsource the translations, I don’t use generic translators or worse… rely on Google. I will communicate with your audience in their language, incorporating culturally relevant messages.

Content marketing

content_marketingI’ll create for you a personalized plan, in line with your business objectives, so you can inform, entertain and engage your target clients through content that responds directly to their problems. You’ll finally understand the value of content marketing and how to implement it feeling you invested your budget well. You’ll get a 10-point action plan to apply immediately.

Hire me for any of these services, or for a combined package.

Stand out from the crowd, stay on top of your prospects’ minds and be close to them when they are ready to buy. Improve your content to improve your sales.


Are you ready to tell better stories?